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F  I  N  E   A  R  T  S   &   I  N  T  E  R  I  O  R   D  E  S  I  G  N

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We welcome all types and sizes of projects pertaining to the home. Our vision at Cory Alisa is to create timeless and cherished works of art – exquisite living spaces and custom-made pieces, which both provoke and enhance one’s appreciation for artistry, craftsmanship and design.

Our enduring mission is to work with our clients to understand their vision and execute it in a way which inspires elegance with classic design, modern innovations, excellent quality and personal touches.


In-Home Consultations

Our team brings the studio to you. We enter the home and collaborate with our clients to analyze their space and outline a direction. We strive to bring our clients’ visions to life with classic and modern design.

Space Planning & Conceptual Design

Defining the layout is always a significant part of any project. We provide our clients with drafts and detailed digital drawings to demonstrate plans and work with local contractors.


Material & Finish Proposals

Whether it’s cabinetry, hardware, paint for the walls or anything in between, we consult our clients to choose quality products that will endure time with excellent aesthetics and durability.


Custom Furniture & Textiles

Along with sourcing products from trusted vendors, we design custom furnishings and work with creative artisans  to bring our clients’ concepts to life.


Styling & Accessories

Including colorful textiles, unique art and rare finds brings layers of special elements into a client's home, creating a space that’s modified to personal tastes.

Project Management

We guide our clients through the creative process and manage the practical aspects of the job. We organize project timelines and coordinate with contractors and vendors to ensure a smooth operation.


2-Hour Session

Book a 2-hour work session with Design Principal, Cory Alisa. This is the perfect opportunity to share your ideas and concepts while gaining the support and guidance you need to inspire next steps towards your design project. Session could include activities such as:

• Refine your clippings, samples, swatches etc.

• Create a cohesive look or layout

• Develop strategies for you project(s)

Additional Hours

Need more time with Cory after your initial work session? Schedule extensions by request.

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