Paul, Sandra & Holly

Cory's close familial ties to the Sacramento Delta brought her a fortunate introduction to Paul Wiseman and The Wiseman Group. In the design world, Paul is renowned for his award-winning work, which is the epitome of classic, timeless elegance. He has been featured in top design publications such as Architectural Digest, Luxe, CA Home & Design, and House Beautiful. His  incredible work has gained Paul and his firm international recognition. A recent notable achievement is his team's work on the newly built Salesforce Tower executive offices in San Francisco.

Meeting Paul sparked what Oprah would famously call an "a-ha! moment" for Cory – when she first realized interior design as a career. Cory grew up admiring decadent homes, but her attention had always been on fine art. Cory acknowledges Paul as her "lightbulb" so-to-speak, as he illuminated the idea of Interiors as a way to practice a passion of hers, while simultaneously thriving creatively in the business world as a true working artist.

Over 40 years in the industry Paul garnered numerous partnerships and dear friendships within the design community, which drew Cory to Sandra Jordan. Cory became familiarized with Sandra's luxury Prima Alpaca textile line during her time at Jiun Ho, as a number of upholstered pieces and decorative pillows on the showroom floor were fabricated with Sandra's dreamy Suris and Bouclés. Once Cory started working independently she was enthusiastic to utilize Sandra's choice textiles in one of her first projects, which incited communication between the two designers.

Sandra graciously invited Cory for a personal tour of her property in Healdsburg comprising of her studio, office, personal residence, and newly renovated guest house, or Casita. Walking Sandra's grounds is an enchanting experience, but entering the Casita, impeccably designed by Gary Hutton, is like stepping right into a piece of Sandra's heart. The space is a cultivation of Sandra's life and passions - a refined backdrop that proudly showcases some of her global treasures, as well as the versatility of her Prima Alpaca, which is featured throughout vibrant custom upholstery, drapery, throws, and table linens. Sandra's Casita and Healdsburg property truly inspires the purpose of design – to reflect the personality and lifestyle of those who inhabit it.

Cory Alisa Hunt Showroom.png
Cory Alisa Sandra Jordan.png
Sandra Jordan Throw for Cory Alisa.png

From Left: Holly Hunt Showroom in West Hollywood, Ca; Sandra Jordan Studios in Healdsburg, Ca; Custom throw for a client fabricated with Sandra Jordan Prima Alpaca

Cory's journey of collaborations, introductions, and industry friendships led her attention to the incomparable Holly Hunt. Holly's impeccable line of products exuding modern luxury has set the standard for many aspiring designers. Her assortment ranges from decorative accessories and fine art to large casegoods and furniture collections. In 2017 during the Pacific Design Center's (PDC) annual spring market, or WestWeek, Cory had the opportunity to hear Holly discuss her early life and career which shaped her independence, forming the powerful brand we know today.

Holly's experiences resonated with Cory and inspired her to consider expanding her own brand. While Cory has yet to have pieces in production, she has work in development and is anticipating launching a line in the future. Influenced by her strong product development experience from working at Williams-Sonoma, Inc., Cory is excited to take on this endeavor.


Kelly & Ken

At the other end of the aesthetic and style spectrum Cory is inspired by designers that are known for their eccentric and eclectic flair. Kelly Wearstler and Ken Fulk are some of the hottest designers attracting celebrity clients like Pharrell Williams and Cameron Diaz. Their flashy, abstract, dramatized spaces create overwhelmingly imaginative experiences – one can escape to another country, time or realm. Luckily for Cory, both Kelly and Ken have many projects throughout San Francisco so she is no stranger to their work. From staying at the Proper Hotel and dining at Charmaine's by Kelly Wearstler, to grabbing some cocktails at The Cavalier by Ken Fulk, the city is chock-full of their scrumptious interiors for the public to feast on.

Cory's  adoration for Ken grew more when she attended a book signing, only to realize she left her personal bookmarked copy in her hotel suite. She nervously explained to Ken what happened thinking she would miss out entirely, but Ken's warmth quickly put Cory at ease. They took some time to discuss their firms as well as each of their ties to Pottery Barn. Before they were done, Ken took it upon himself to find a piece of stationery to write a personal note to Cory. His kind spirit and encouraging words left Cory feeling touched.

Both Kelly and Ken's work aligns with Cory's intent to blend eras, materials, textures and styles – they remind her to have fun and continue to experiment.

Cory Alisa Proper Hotel.png
Cory Alisa Proper Art.png

From Left: Art collection displayed in main lobby of The Proper Hotel by Kelly Wearstler; Basement level lobby of The Proper Hotel by Kelly Wearstler; Cory holding her copy of "Ken Fulk's Magical World" alongside her note from Ken

Cavalier SF.jpg

The Row

Like many fellow millennials, and other generations alike, Cory has followed Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen's careers over the last 3+ decades. The twins earned the title of fashion icons as early as their acting career began in the late eighties. The Olsens' course officially shifted to the fashion industry in the early 2000s and they have since become award-winning designers, recognized by the prestigious Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). Their brand, The Row, is a luxury label emphasizing focus on fine tailoring, outstanding materials, and timeless style.


Their flagship stores serve as galleries displaying their exquisite apparel and curation of fine art and vintage furnishings. While admiring The Row's latest seasonal wear, the viewer may also enjoy eye-catching work and architectural details by famous artists and designers such as Joan Miro, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Jacques Grange – to name a few. These spaces have the awe-factor you'd expect from touring a Paris Museum or showroom, and that's the point. 

Cory is inspired by the Olsens' taste when it comes to fashion, art and interiors. They have married these factors into their branding at The Row and their elevated style is truly something to marvel at.

Cory Alisa The Row.png

The Row Los Angeles

The Roots

Every artist can usually pinpoint an individual that inspired them to pursue a creative career, and for Cory that happened very early on through her Junior High Art Director, Kim Lipkin. It was very clear to Cory that Kim enjoyed her occupation, which inspired Cory's education and career path. Through the years Cory and Kim stayed in touch and remain close to this day.

Cory considers Kim a friend and mentor, and is grateful for her guidance through the early years and beyond. Kim's authenticity and optimistic attitude brings light to many situations when Cory finds herself needing direction. Kim always offers wise words, valuable insight, and humble advice.

Kim retired from art education in 2015 and is a practicing artist. Her most recent exhibit was in February 2020 at Lireille Gallery in Oakland.

Kim Lipkin Pear.png

Pear Painting by Kim Lipkin, acrylic on canvas, 2021