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Letter to City Council
Proposal to Businesses
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In Summary

A profound adoration for Healdsburg has been evolving for me since the early 90s. My parents rarely traveled, but their favorite way to get some R&R was to book a few weekends in Calistoga each year. 

Mission Statement

I am dedicated to working with the city and local businesses to lend my interior design services at a reasonable rate as a way to introduce my work and myself to the area, by providing attainable professional design expertise to those in need of major renovation or light refreshing.

My Healdsburg

A profound adoration for my hometown Piedmont stems from an appreciation for not only the beautiful environment in which I grew up, but also the fact that I could take advantage of nearby 

In January 2008 my thoughtful boyfriend spontaneously asked if I wanted to leave in the middle of the night to venture to Carmel. I had never heard of it and was thrilled at the opportunity to discover a new place during an impromptu excursion. After a 2-hour midnight drive we turned onto Ocean Avenue from Highway 1. As we began curving down the tree-lined artery of the small town my eyes widened and my heart raced as I noticed the twinkle lights delicately illuminating charming European-style cottages and storefronts. 

We arrived to Scenic Road and I was stunned to see the awe-inspiring custom homes, each exuding their unique take on the "beach house." We pulled up to a traditional home with a wood gate buttressed with two brick columns. "We're here," my boyfriend softly announced. Like a true gentleman, he came around to my side of the car to open the door and take my hand, leading me to the front entrance.

Upon my first glances, I was shocked and delighted to see a home completely dated to the 1970s. From the crystal globe light fixtures, to the aquamarine tile in the kitchen and bathrooms - this place was a total time warp. Like the home itself, the furniture, bedding, artwork and decorative accessories were also midcentury pieces - entering the home was truly a blast from the past. As I looked around my boyfriend opened the windows and popped open a bottle of our favorite sauvignon blanc. Suddenly the home was filled with fresh ocean air and the soothing sound of waves rolling to the shore. We fixed some 10-year old jiffy pop on the stove and stayed up for hours that evening talking about our future, slowly dozing off as we watched the glow of the fireplace embers disappear.

After the sun had risen we walked to Patisserie Boissiere for freshly baked croissants and the Carmel Valley Coffee Roasting Company for hot lattes. We spent the day perusing fine art galleries, shopping at elegant boutiques, and strolling along the white sand beach. For dinner that night we ate at The Flying Fish and had the most fantastic meal, sharing a delectable shabu shabu clay pot dish perfectly paired with a Sonoma Valley chardonnay.  

We had a magical time and I was saddened when it was time to leave. However, I had no reason to be down as we would return to Carmel together several times. We used any occasion as an excuse to make the drive. Over the next 13 years we would celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, promotions, other milestones and random getaways in our beloved Carmel. Additionally, we became fiancés at the family home, as we listened to the blended sounds of the rolling ocean and Bobby Vinton's Blue Velvet

We realize we were privileged to have such a special place to celebrate and express our love to each other, while creating cherished memories. Carmel-by-the-Sea is really a large part of our love story, and now that the family home is no longer, we are eager to create our own nest in Carmel, the sweetest slice of heaven.

My married for 6 years and partners of 13 years, we have an established life in the East San Francisco Bay, so we know realistically it will take time and planning to relocate our family of four to Carmel. With that said, in the meantime we are each forming connections in our respective areas of business, outside of our most favorite eateries and shops.

As grueling as the pandemic has been for all, I am glad the method of learning to work remotely across all industries has become necessary and standard. Individuals, families and businesses have all learned how to communicate and connect via the internet in order to accomplish great things - that's why I'm confident about accepting projects in Carmel, despite the 120 mile difference. 

Now that businesses are reopening I think it's the perfect time to assess which city facilities or local businesses