Letter to City Council
Creative Pofessionals Initiative

In A Nutshell

I am driven to start a Creative Professionals Initiative through Piedmont and Millennium High Schools. I believe having a program to guide kids that are gifted with artistic talents and want to pursue a career in the arts would enrich the Piedmont Unified School District .



I want to organize a program within the community that will help the students and their parents navigate the process of transforming a creative passion into a thoughtful strategy towards a successful career path.

Annual Seminar

In addition to the ongoing program year-round organization, conducting an annual seminar with key note speakers featuring Piedmont alumni that have become successful creative professionals would not only encourage and support artistic students and their families, but also offer an opportunity for the creative professionals to answer questions families may have. Examples of careers key note speakers may have:

Theatre & Entertainment

• Acting and/or Dancing

• Cinematography

• Production

• Animation

Studio Art

• Fine Art

• Photography

• Gallery & Auction

• Art Education


• Singing & Songwriting

• Instrumental

• Album Production

• Sound Engineering


• Author

• Editor

• Journalist

• Content Producer